Camel Trekking in Morocco

Camel Trekking in Morocco

Our agency has thebest Camel Trekking in Morocco into the sahara desert erg chebbi,As you ride a camel and travel in the solitude and silence of the sahara echoing the imprint of lives before who wandered these ever shifting sands, you will discover the best and the secret of the sahara,

Camel trek in Morocco is the best option, to see the big Sand dunes in Sahara desert. The major reason why we are considered one of the best Morocco Sahara desert Camel tour operators because we have specially designed travel Moroccan Camel safari in Merzouga

Desert has always had on the soul… And at night by the fire, you will feel the peace under a million stars, heavy with vibration and magic.

Travelling with a camel, choose to ride ‘your’ camel or walk for a change, enjoying the soft sand under your feet,the camels are the ultimate way to explore the Sahara, riding on the camel, you slip into the rhythm of the desert,you rise at dawn and rest in the full heat of the early afternoon. Druring your camel trek you will enjoy the sunset and sunrise from the golden sand dunes, In the evening  you camp, the camels rest and graze, while you can relax with a pot of tea,you can truely enjoy this nomadic experience and these memories will stay with you forever!

In an Eco-tourism approach, trek in the heart of the Moroccan desert to meet the nomadic culture and beautiful desert landscapes of the Sahara. All our camel trekking in the desert of Morocco leave from merzouga accompanied by a local nomad team and camel caravan is along the high dunes of the 

Join sahara desert excursions company for your camel trekking in morocco for 1 or 2 nights sahara adventure in merzouga desert

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camel trekking in morocco