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Thank you so much for visiting Sahara Desert Excursions ! We hope you like our Website and it will enable you to create your Tour in Morocco.

Sahara Desert Excursions is a travel agency in morocco, we are a group of young people, passionate about our country and our lands. We are specialists in the design and operate each Tours to offer you the best of each one of our destinations in these lands: landscapes, fauna, culture, gastronomy, tribes and adventure activities. We know the destination to perfection because it is here where we live and to be able to offer everything with superb service and a unique travel experience, since the experience is both yours and ours!! The most demanding travellers choose to travel with us, because the added value of our assistance and knowledge marks the difference over the rest, because we understand the importance and authenticity that is a tarvel with these characteristics.

Travel with us is to travel in a different way: we combine different modes of transport in order to live the real adventure, arriving at unpublished destinations. It is only necessary to have the desire to live an inexhaustible adventure through our lands; the rest is our strong create experiences to make a memorable journey for your whole life.

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Our company offers guides who speak Spanish, English, French etc… all selected for their great experience, their ability and their enthusiasm for the first-hand knowledge about the routes that are made, they are a key part for the good operation of our routes, as they control the details and are always at your side to be able to solve any problem in the moment, We dispense with the intermediaries and have our own infrastructure in Morocco, this means being able to ensure the reliability of service, transport, staff etc., and in this way we can offer you a better relationship of quality and price, Making a tour with us is not as a tourist in a traditional organized Tours Morocco, but as a privileged participant of a trip to Morocco full of excitement, fun and open to the unexpected and to adventure.


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