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Morocco Best time to visit - Morocco Weather Overview

The best time to Visit Morocco: Morocco offers good weather 12 months of the year but there are various places to visit in Morocco at different times.

The kingdom of Morocco has a subtropical climate with hot summers and very mild winters usually with year-round sunshine. For the highest temperatures, the best time to visit Morocco is between June and August although the subtropical climate offers sunshine throughout the year and the winter months are equally popular with visitors.

The climate in Morocco is very diverse, varying with the season and region. The climate is the Mediterranean on the coasts, humid temperate at higher elevations, and hot and dry in the south-western part.

Coastal cities in the north – Casablanca, Rabat, Kenitra, Asillah, and Tangier – all have a similar Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers and relatively warm and wet winters.

4 seasons weather in Morocco

1. Spring in Morocco

Spring is certainly not time for ocean-side Morocco Trips. The sea is cool at this time and the climate is or may be damp and cold. Until the exceptionally conclusion of spring, there are no chances for comfortable swimming cause the temperature is approximately 19 °C (66 °F). But there is a parcel of things to do but swimming and sunbathing. Sightseeing, social exercises, various spa centers, and final but not slightest is gastronomical tourism. Moroccan nourishment is one fabulous combination of conventional Middle eastern dishes with Haute cooking approaches. April brings the warming and by the starting of May begins the season of sprouting. Usually, a fabulous time particularly when orange trees connect the celebration of arousing nature. March, April, and May months are selected as the best time of the year to visit Morocco and high seasons for traveling in Morocco.

2. Summer in Morocco

In summer weather in Morocco is formed under influence of the Azores anticyclone. It is hot and dry. The temperature in summer increases drastically except in coastal areas to the south of Casablanca. Cool Canary Current brings cool air and fogs.

Also, summer is in the midst of swimsuit season on the Atlantic coasts. But everyone who is about to go to Morocco for a seaside Morocco vacation should regard that the Atlantic Ocean warms slowly. One more feature is significant waves. This is an advantage as much a disadvantage. Close to Mediterranean Sea waters are calmer. 

3. Autumn in Morocco

Autumn really begins to make itself known in October in Morocco. Temperatures drop into the 20s (C) during the day and the teens at night in most places. In desert cities like Marrakech, daytime temperatures still hit as high as 29°C at times, but there are cooler days. This season also is known as the best time to visit Morocco & the Highest season for Morocco Tours.

4. Winter in Morocco

The winter season in Morocco is a great time to visit if you prefer to travel away from crowds, allowing you to see Moroccans going about their daily life more authentically than during the hotter months. It is generally sunny and mild, but there is the chance of rain (good for wildflowers), and snow in the mountains. The desert is perfect for visiting now but gets very cold at night.

best time to visit Morocco

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