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Erg or Laarg (Berber Language) are areas that consist mostly of sand dunes with little to no vegetation.  In Morocco, there are two popular ergs.  One is the Erg Chebbi and the other is Erg Chigaga or Chegaga.  Chigaga is the largest erg in Morocco and covers an area of about 600 km² or 148,260 acres. But it’s difficult to access without a professional driver & a 4WD Car. 

The Chigaga desert tours selected the most Adventure Morocco Tours you can take during your Moroccan vacation! If you would like to go on a Sahara Tour many options are available for your desert tour experience. 

Tours from Marrakech to Erg Chigaga - Sahara Desert Expeditions

At Sahara desert Excursions, we arrange the best Erg Chigaga desert Trips that are departing from Marrakesh, and available year-round. Our Marrakech Erg Chigaga desert tours can be customized & tailor-made for each traveler’s interests & requirements. 

Our Marrakech to Erg Chigaga desert tours will go one step further connecting you to the heart of the Sahara desert, live a Sahara desert adventure, 4WD Sahara Trip,  ride a camel at Sunset through the majestic red sand dunes of Erg Chegaga, spend an unforgettable overnight stay under the shining stars at the beat of the desert drums in a luxury desert camp. Enjoy a typical dinner and an evening under the stars, Experience sandboarding from the top of the dunes Marvel at the sunrise the next morning, and live a lifetime Sahara Adventure.

The best-seller Marrakech to Erg Chigaga Sahara Tours are the 3 Days Marrakech to Chigaga desert trip & The 5 Days Chigaga Sahara Tour from Marrakech. Below are the full programs for both Chigaga desert Itineraries. 

Best Chigaga Desert Tours from Marrakech

Chigaga Desert Tours

If you planned a Tour itinerary to Morocco & you didn’t find the Trip That suits your needs? Don’t worry. Sahara Desert Excursions team will be more than happy to assist you to tailor your Sahara desert tour itinerary to suit your budget, timetable, and points of interest. For any questions regarding our Morocco Marrakech to Chigaga Desert Tours. please do not hesitate to contact us; we will be delighted to assist. 


Are our Tours suitable for everyone?

Naturally Yes. All our private Morocco tours are suitable for single travelers, couples, families (with kids), friends, Large groups, with special discounts for Students. Our purpose is to offer well-organized Morocco Tours & Sahara desert tours over the country at reasonable prices.

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